Jerome Corsi Claims to Have Proof Mueller Is Harassing His Family

Jerome Corsi is fighting mad and says that he will be filing a lawsuit for prosecutorial misconduct. He says that Mueller and the FBI are harassing family members at home and at their places of work.

Basically, they are acting like the Nazi SS or Russia’s KGB. He says he is being harassed for refusing to lie about a meeting that never happened. He was “urged” to remember the meeting and when he continued to insist on telling the truth rather than what Mueller and his hoodlums wanted, the harassment began.

Mueller got Flynn to fall in line by threatening to prosecute his son.

From The Gateway Pundit

Dr. Corsi spoke to Fox Business host Trish Regan on Wednesday and said he has evidence Mueller’s thugs and the FBI are harassing members of his family with surveillance vans and FBI door knocks.

“Right now I’ve got evidence that the FBI and Mueller’s team are now harassing my family,” Corsi said, adding, “They’re doing door knocks to my stepson. They’re parking surveillance vans with two agents outside the places where various members of my family work.”

“My children have done nothing wrong. My wife who I’ve been married to for 27 years and now they’re gonna try to make them criminals? Harassing my family is beyond bounds and I won’t stand for it,” Corsi said.

Since Mueller cannot bring charges on the Russian collusion hoax, he has targeted Corsi for making a ‘false statement’ after putting the best-selling author through hell interrogations.

Dr. Corsi subsequently retained counsel and is preparing to sue the Justice Department and Special Counsel Robert Mueller for prosecutorial misconduct in his case.

Corsi is actually very lucky. Paul Manafort is sitting in solitary confinement because he refused to lie. So, it could be worse.

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