It’s Official, Oklahoma Now Bans All Biological Males From Women’s Sports

Kevin Stitt, the Republican Governor of Oklahoma, has officially put the pen to a bill that in effect bans all biological males from competing in women’s sports.

This past Wednesday while surrounded by female athletes and students, Stitt signed the legislation into law before stating that the bill was just “common sense,” highlighting the various physiological advantages that biological men have over women and issued his thanks to legislators for “doing the hard work” in order to get the bill to his desk in the first place.

“When it comes to sports and athletics, girls should compete against girls,” he stated. “Boys should compete against boys. And let’s be very clear. That’s all this bill says.”

“What we are trying to accomplish here is very very simple,” he continued. “We are protecting women’s sports. We are ensuring a level playing field for female athletes who work hard, who train hard, who are committed to their team. Who have dreams to be number one in their sport. Who deserve a fair competition.”

The bill, titled the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” was signed by the Governor just a scant few weeks in the wake of the nationwide controversy reputing over the victory of Lia Thomas, a biological man who self identifies as a transgender woman and competed in a race at the NCAA Women’s Championships.

Despite the extremely publicized calls to arms from Reka Gyorgy, a swimmer for Virginia Tech, and Riley Gaines, a swimmer for the University of Kentucky, both were forced to compete against Thomas and were worse off for the experience, the NCAA remained silent.

“It’s simply not fair, and it will not happen in the state of Oklahoma,” exclaimed Stitt concerning biological men actually competing in women’s sports.

“It’s a good day for girls in Oklahoma,” stated Meridian Baldacci, the spokeswoman for Family Policy Alliance, in a release. “Female athletes should grow up with a level playing field, in life and in sports.”

“As we have seen in recent weeks, when males are allowed to compete in female sports competitions, they can and do take championship titles and other elite opportunities that were meant for girls,” she continued. “But in Oklahoma, girls can know that they have a level playing field, and a fair shot at the opportunities meant just for them.”

With this change, Oklahoma now stands alongside Idaho, the very first state to create legislation to protect the integrity of women’s sports, as well as Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Alabama, Tennessee, South Dakota, West Virginia, Texas, Florida, Iowa, and Utah in the passing of laws to ban all biological males from partaking in women’s sports, as stated by the Family Policy Alliance.

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