Investigators Into Hillary Email Scandal Followed By Strange Jeep…Home Broken Into and Computers Stolen

Sen Chuck Grassley releases report with some very disturbing details. Agents who were investigating Hillary reported being followed by a mysterious Jeep, including one agent who said he was followed home from work.

Days later, his house was broken into and all of his computers were stolen. Another agent reported that his trash was rummaged through. The question I have is why did they not try to stop the Jeep and find out who was running interference for Hillary?

And was tied to the alleged leaker Paul Wogerman who had close ties to the Clintons and tried desperately to be placed on the investigative team.

From The Gateway Pundit

One of the ICIG investigator’s was followed from the State Department to his home where someone broke into his house and stole all of his computers — another investigator realized someone rummaged through his recycling bin in his home looking for paperwork.

“[Frank] Rucker asked for a moment to consult with counsel. After conferring for a minute or so, he said that raised several other issues during his interview with DOJ-OIG, including whether somebody from ICIG was leaking to the media. Mr. Rucker said that it was a small group at ICIG that was working on the Clinton email Issue, so it was a concern for Mr. McCullough that somebody was leaking,” the Senate report said.

The suspected leaker, Paul Wogerman, who was counsel at ICIG is the son of a pastor to the Clintons.

“He said that Mr. McCullough considered pulling and examining everybody’s phone records. During the time of the Podesta hack, Mr. Rucker said that there was an email to Clinton attorney (David) Kendall referencing [redacted] and a “favorite son.”

He said that Paul Wogerman, who was then a counsel at ICIG and whose father was allegedly a pastor to the Clintons was the only male employee on leave the following day when a meeting with [redacted] was supposed to take place according to the email. Therefore, he said, it was believed that Mr: Wogerman was leaking to [redacted]. He said that Mr. McCullough made a decision not to confront Mr. Wogerman. Mr. Rucker said that he does not believe that ICIG ever did an official assessment on whether Mr. Wogerman leaked classified information,” the Senate report stated.

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