Insane Decisions Lead To Police Quitting En Masse

Both CNN and MSNBC have issued reports about the mass exodus of law enforcement officials from the ranks of the police force in Portland, Oregon. Neither of the two sources were able to find the link and draw a conclusion between the mass resignations and the city’s aggressively progressive anti-police ideals.

This past Saturday as part of a segment on “CNN Newsroom,” it was noted that every member of Portland’s Rapid Response Team tendered their resignation after a group of authorities charged one of its members with the use of unlawful force as the city sees months of continuous riots. The district attorney charged the officer in question, officer Corey Budworth, with using his baton in an inappropriate manner this past August and was “emphasizing the need for consequences” as a group of left-wing activists were “protesting against police misconduct,” stated the report.

Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) was mentioned by CNN in order to talk about the fact that he released a statement “sympathizing with the resigning officers” and in order to try and reassure viewers that “the mayor says he has the resources and personnel in place to deal with any community safety situation.”

This past Tuesday, MSNBC issued a more extensive report on “Stephanie Ruhle Reports,” which put a spotlight on Portland Law enforcement officers’ plunging morale/

“Right now, police departments nationwide are struggling with burnout, with retirements up 45% and resignations up 18% across the country,” stated Ruhle, as they introduced the package. “So many cops are out the door that it’s getting harder and harder to replace them as violent crime continues to spike – that violence even coming against police officers, with the number dying on duty soaring as compared to last year.” As we have seen in this calendar year, around 46 police officers have been murdered in the line of duty, as pulled from the Officer Down Memorial Page database.

“Morale I think is at an all-time low now,” Krute Aroonsuck, a Portland Police Officer, stated to Gabe Gutierrez with NBC News. “It all boils down to these three main concepts of being underfunded, understaffed, and undersupported.”

In a similar manner, Daryl Turner, the executive director of the Portland police union, stated that his officers are “dealing with rioting at a level and a sustained violence that we’ve never seen before.”

We have seen that neither of the networks mentioned earlier has reported on the fact that Ted Wheeler made the decision to basically starve the police force of all the needed equipment and forced them to coddle the nightly “protests” that almost always broke out into violence.

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