Illinois Businessman Explains Why Businesses Are Deserting Chicago

Gary Rabine, a successful business owner in Illinois, has officially given his reasons as to why he chose to stop doing all business in Chicago via a Wednesday interview with Fox News Digital. His chief concerns seemed to be the spiking crime rate among many other issues.

An owner of over 13 businesses, Rabine explained to Fox that neither his employees nor his physical assets were being kept safe while trying to do business in Chicago.

“We would do thousands of jobs a year in the city, but as we got robbed more, my people operating rollers and pavers we got robbed, our equipment would get stolen in broad daylight and there would usually be a gun involved, and it got expensive and it got dangerous,” explained Rabine, going on to add that the costs for additional insurance and security for the area forced the jobs to cost “twice as much as they should be.”

All of Rabine’s employees now work in the more suburban areas of Chicago and in nearby Wisconsin. “What happened eventually is we said enough is enough,” he exclaimed.

A current Republican gubernatorial candidate for Illinois, Rabine is not the first businessman to choose to leave Chicago proper over the past few weeks. The founder of hedge fund Citadel and the richest man in Illinois, Ken Griffin, officially announced that he was planning to move his businesses to Florida. “Chicago will continue to be important to the future of Citadel, as many of our colleagues have deep ties to Illinois,” he explained via a letter to his employees. “Over the past year, however, many of our Chicago teams have asked to relocate to Miami, New York and our other offices around the world.”

At an earlier point this year, Griffin stated his concern about the ever-worsening crime rates across the city of Chicago, highlighting that the city was a “really difficult backdrop” in regards to attracting new talent. While being run by Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D), the city of Chicago racked up almost 800 homicides throughout 2021, solidly placing the city as having the highest homicide rate of any other city in the country.

Rabine reacted to this news by stating that he is quite “confident that Citadel was losing people.”

“If you want a great culture in your company you have to have people that love being on the team and they don’t want to live in a violent area,” he stated to Fox. “They don’t want to live in a place where their kids can’t walk to school safely and their wives and kids can’t go shopping in a beautiful environment like Michigan Avenue which was once the safest place you could ever go shopping.”

In the same vein, both Construction machinery maker Caterpillar and airplane manufacturer Boeing are respectively moving to Irving, Texas, and Arlington, Virginia.

“We believe it’s in the best strategic interest of the company to make this move, which supports Caterpillar’s strategy for profitable growth as we help our customers build a better, more sustainable world,” reported Caterpillar’s CEO Jim Umpleby in a release.

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