Illegals Invade Texas Border Crossing, Attacks and Injures CBP Agents

An illegal alien mob rushed the border and attacked CBP agents, trying to rip off their equipment.

The attack occurred at the Pharr International Bridge around 4 a.m near the McAllen port of entry. This kind of attack is happening more often as the Democrats sit idly by, unwilling to serve the people who elected them. In fact, I would not be surprised if Democratic presidential candidates and the Gang of Four start praising the brave mob of illegals.

You can include CNN and their talking heads to that group. Several CBP agents were injured in the clash.

From The Western Journal

On Friday, a band of 47 violent migrants bum-rushed the McAllen, Texas, international port of entry. In their attempt to storm the border, numerous U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents were attacked in the process.

According to Breitbart, the event occurred on the Pharr International Bridge around 4 a.m. The bridge connects Mexican city Reynosa with Pharr and McAllen.

CBP agents issued commands for the migrants to stand down from afar, but they didn’t listen, KGBT reported. The illegal immigrants tore down barriers at the port and dashed into the inspection area, where they tried to rip off gear the CBP officers had on them when being detained.

The dangerous migrant rush should warrant a national call to action on the border and a serious conversation with Mexican officials, as it deters legal immigrants from using the entry port and puts the lives of CBP officers in jeopardy.

It was quite literally a small-scale invasion — an event that should be covered on every news outlet for weeks until the government put something in place to keep another border invasion from happening.

But as I said, don’t expect to see this in the establishment media anytime soon.

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