Ilhan Omar’s Challenger Highlights The Need To End ‘Terrorist Recruitment’ In Her District

Ilhan Omar and her opponent, Chris Kelley  have one major disagreement in their race for the congressional seat in 2020. Kelly believes that the most pressing need in the district is to end the terrorist recruitment in the district.

The district ranks number one in the nation for terrorist recruitment and obviously Omar does not agree. But then again, she favors Hamas over America and just this week defended a company that gives material support to terrorists in her native Somalia.

She also wrote a letter asking for leniency for 9 would be terrorists who were caught before they could join ISIS. If only she would be as aggressive in aiding Americans.

From The Daily Wire

Iraq War veteran and declared Minnesota congressional candidate Chris Kelley criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Thursday for failing to address the growing terrorism recruitment problem within her own district.

“The first challenge in our area is terrorist recruitment,” Kelley said during an interview with the Jewish Press. “We know for a fact that ISIS has been targeting the young Somali population in our district.”

Minneapolis’ Somali community is often considered to be the terrorist recruitment capital of the United States. Accordingly, Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District that Omar represents is the jurisdiction with the highest rate of terrorism recruitment in the country over the past 12 years, according to FBI statistics.

Forty-five Somalis residing in America left the country to join either ISIS or the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency group al-Shabaab, reported Fox News in February. That number far outpaces other areas where many Muslim refugees have been resettled within the U.S.

“There have been people arrested and charged for conspiring to join ISIS,” Kelley continued. “But, Ilhan has spent more time defending them than condemning them.”