ICE Get’s Blasted By Press For Treatment of Undocumented Immigrant Driving Wife To Hospital – But They Left Out one HUGE Detail

The press has been blasting both President Trump and ICE over their detainment of an illegal alien, who was driving his wife to the hospital for a scheduled C section. Joel Arrona Lara, 36, was detained at a gas station and was taken into custody by ICE.

In their original stories, the media made it sound as if the heartless ICE agents had ripped the husband from his wife for no reason at all and was a prime example of the ruthlessness of ICE and the Trump presidency. Had they checked their facts first, they would have discovered that Lara was picked up on a warrant for murder. But of course, the media never let facts get in their way. They have since amended their stories.

From The Daily Caller

News of Arrona Lara’s arrest quickly spread nationally, with several media outlets characterizing it as an example of the Trump administration’s heavy-handed crackdown on illegal immigration. Venegas told CBS 2 in Spanish that Arrona Lara had never been stopped by police and didn’t have a criminal record of any kind, including traffic violations.

But immigration authorities say Arrona Lara is not just an otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrant. He is also wanted by Mexican authorities for murder.

“Mr. Arrona-Lara was brought to ICE’s attention due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges,” ICE spokeswoman Lori Haley told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Security footage from the gas station shows Arrona Lara getting out of his car and being intercepted by ICE officers. A visibly distraught Venegas is then seen using a phone shortly after Arrona Lara is taken away.

Arrona Lara’s lawyer, Emilio Amaya Garcia, accused ICE officers of endangering Venegas and her unborn baby.

Over the next few days you can expect to hear more about this case and I’d be willing to bet that some pundits will say even if he was wanted for murder, ICE acted incorrectly. Any takers?