Human Trafficker and Captain of German Non-Profit Sea Watch Ship Arrested in Italy…Soros Financed

A George Soros financed human trafficker has been arrested in Italy after she refused orders to stop and almost wrecked her boat into a police boat.

George Soros finances ships like this to pick up hundreds of refugees in Africa and dump them all over Europe. Soros runs these ships the way he runs all questionable enterprises he is involved in. He gives money to one group, who passes it on to the next, so there are two degrees of separation between himself and the final destination so he can’t be touched.

He is the ultimate puppet master and the puppet is Chuckie.

On Saturday Italian police arrested captain Carola Rackete after nearly colliding with a police ship and docking in Lampedusa without authorization.

According to Spanish ABC International Rackete almost caused a collision as she entered the Lamedusa port without authorisation.

Deutsche Welle reported:

German captain Carola Rackete was arrested as the boat docked with 40 migrants remaining on board, spokesman Ruben Neugebauer told Agence France-Presse. Television footage showed a heavy security presence at the port and police escorting 31-year-old Rackete off the vessel.

Italy had refused the German rescue ship port entry since it picked up 53 migrants who were floating on an inflatable raft off the Libyan coast on June 12.

After waiting at sea for an invitation from Italy or an EU state to accept the ship, Rackete decided to head to Lampedusa, where she was blocked by Italian government vessels.

“Even though in the afternoon the prosecution has opened an investigation against me, at the same time they notified us that they will not help to bring the rescued off the ship,” Rackete said in a video statement on Twitter. “I have decided to enter the harbor, which is free at night, on my own.”