HUGE NeverTrumper Goes All in For the President – Welcome To The Winners!

Nathaniel Blake, a writer for the Federalist and previously a passionate NeverTrumper, but he has evolved. Blake says he is not taking back any of the negative things he has written about Trump, but points out that many times he has also defended the president. This is especially true in his appointment of judges.

He also says that the president has governed as a true conservative. But the thing that really changed his mind, was watching the shameless smears coming from the Democrats and the media against Brett Kavanaugh. Blake, who did not vote in 2016, now says he will vote for Trump in 2020 without hesitation.

From The Conservative Tribune

In a piece at The Federalist last week, however, Blake said the Kavanaugh hearings have made him go “from ‘Meh’ to ‘MAGA!’”

“In some ways, I was” wrong about Trump, Blake wrote. “He has kept his promises on judges, for instance. In other ways I think my low opinion of him has been thoroughly vindicated. Thus, in writing for The Federalist, I have defended President Trump and criticized him, sometimes in the same column.”

“I have also criticized the die-hard Never-Trumpers who are willing to jettison conservatism to pursue their vendetta against Trump,” he continued. “Like many Trump-skeptical conservatives I tried to call things as I saw them. Sometimes I was pleased with Trump’s policy, and sometimes I was appalled by him. I do not disavow any of what I wrote. Nonetheless, I now support Trump’s reelection.”

The difference, Black said, was caused by the Democratic tactics during the fight over the confirmation of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump has used the power of his personality and his accomplishments to win over those who have previously opposed him. Paul Ryan was and is a RINO through and through, so Trump was never able to win him over. But look at the transformation of Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. It has been nothing short of amazing. This is especially true in the case of Graham, who went from being a RINO, to being a lion.