Horrid Holiday Weekend Violence In Chicago Leads To Death of Children

In just over 12 hours, six children were shot in Chicago and one, a small four-year-old child in town seeing their relatives, was killed in a horrid streak of violence that took place in the city of the holiday weekend that also saw to the injuring of over 70 other people due to gunshot wounds.

This past Tuesday, a local ABC affiliate in Chicago stated that at “least 63 people have been shot, six fatally, across Chicago since Friday evening, including several children.” it was confirmed later, by the Chicago police authorities, that six children had been the victims of gunshots.

“On Friday evening, a 4-year-old boy was shot in Woodlawn on the South Side,” ABC Chicago went on to say. “The child was inside a home about 9 p.m. Friday in the 6500-block of South Ellis Avenue when bullets tore through the front window, striking him twice in the head, Chicago police said.”

The child in question was rushed to a local hospital where he later passed away. The child’s mother gave a statement to the Chicago Tribune that said that neighbors are keeping very tight-lipped about the whole ordeal and have not come forward to talk to the police about the incident.

“The police don’t know anything yet because no one is talking. No one is coming forward,” the boy’s mom stated. “People aren’t answering their doors, and the people that are answering their doors are saying they don’t know anything. Somebody in Chicago knows something.”

“He was the second 4-year-old shot in Chicago in a week, and the second 4-year-old killed in the city this year,” stated the Chicago Sun-Times.

Over the holiday weekend,  around 68 individuals were the victims of gunshots in Chicago and six of them passed away, seemingly continuing the massively upward scaling trend in violence throughout the city. Lori Lightfoot, the Democrat Mayor of Chicago who is most recently known for the announcement of a slate of initiatives that are trying to stop illegal gun sales inside the city limits of Chicago, tried to pin the blame on groups of individuals who refused to go along with law enforcement.

“The people in the neighborhoods who are doing the shooting, they are known to people in the neighborhoods,” she stated as part of a press conference held on Tuesday morning. “I understand the fear that’s out there but I’m just calling upon people in these neighborhoods — particularly when we think about the number of children who have been shot — you’ve got to have your faith overcome your fear. You’ve got to step up.”

Lightfoot has also stated that her office would put our more “gun violence” abatement measures but would not give any details. Earlier in the summer, Old Uncle Joe’s administration committed to sending a large task force into the city, as well as a few other cities, in order to try and fight the illegal gun trafficking, but as of yet, it is not exactly clear to what effect these programs might be. The horrid problem of illegal gun trafficking goes back further than even the most recent string of ever-increasing violence in the city.

“In announcing crime statistics in Chicago for the month of August, police officials described ‘a challenging time across the city,’ with 78 murders, or 22% more, for the month compared to August 2020. The city saw a 3% uptick in murders year-to-date compared to the past year,” reported Fox News this past Monday. “And while shootings had decreased from 380 in August 2020 to 372 in August 2021, the number of shooting victims was up by three last month compared to the same month last year.”


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