Hate Crime In Los Angeles Has The LAPD Running Crazy

Over the past weekend, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) started an investigation into a reported attack on two young Jewish boys with paintball guns as a possible hate crime.

Yanky Munitz stated that the victims, his two sons Isaac,11, and Sroli, 13, were targeted and shot at with paintball guns around 2 in the afternoon this past Saturday. He stated that the perpetrators were traveling in a car through the Hancock Park neighborhood in L.A. This attack took place around an hour before a giant pre-Palestinian rally was set to take place not even 2 miles away from the attack area.

Munitz stated that his children were made targets on Highland Avenue, which is a very busy residential street, while out with their mother. He stated that they were “wearing proudly their kippah” while on the way to meet up with their cousin at their house for Shabba lunch. As they reached the home of their cousin, the 11-year-old, Isaac, stated that he had been shot with a paintball.

“Thank God it only hit him in the chest and not the eye,” Munitz stated. “My kids said that they didn’t hear anything shouted at them, but they were talking with each other, then boom, he gets hit. He didn’t even realize what happened. Then it obviously started hurting, so he quickly ran into the house.”

Isaac stated to his father that he thought the paintballs were fired from a black Honda as it passed by the group going down the road.

Munitz also went on to say that his ex-wife, the boy’s mother, had already gone inside the house and was not able to witness the shooting as the car flew past. She did, however, immediately call the LAPD and filed a police report about the incident.

After a long discussion with Isaac, Munitz stated that they had come to the decision to make the attack public on social media in order to bring awareness to the string of anti-Semitic acts that are taking place around the world currently.

“He said to use the pictures,” Munitz stated. “He wants people to be aware of it. He’s a tough little guy.”

Through his Facebook page, Munitz uploaded an album of the images that were taken just moments after the attack which showed Isaac’s bruised chest, stained shirt, and what looks like a broken paintball pellet found on the street.

“Their only ‘crime’ being proud jewish (sic) boys,” Munitz stated on his Facebook page. “They told me that this sick, evil and cowardly act of anti semitism (sic) will not deter them from displaying and being proud jewish (sic) kids!”

Munitz concluded by saying that the support they have been receiving from the Jewish community has been very “heartwarming.”


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