Guest On CNN Tears Down CRT Talking Point Concerning The Teaching Of Slavery

S.E. Cupp, a former right-of-center commentator, stated to CNN that she learned about extreme physical brutality and the moral evil of slavery as a child, which in itself refutes the oddly common assertion that schools nowadays have entirely “whitewashed” the subject, taught the “Confederate” point of view of the institution of slavery, and would be barred from talking about the slavery or racism unless the school boards actually adopt Critical Race Theory (CRT).

When over the past year the battle over the teaching of CRT in public schools heated up, the proponents of CRT caught to claim that schools would not be able to talk about or teach historical incidents of racial discrimination, such as segregation or slavery, without incorporating the entirely controversial theory into its curriculum. Cupp, however, went against the notion during a spot this Friday on CNN’s  “Don Lemon Tonight,” while taking time to denounce the Texas law that bans CRT from being taught in all public schools.

“It’s really backwards, as are most censorship projects, especially ones that stem from this kind of, you know, outrage culture and position of politics, right?” stated Cupp.

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“And it’s not all that controversial, Don,” she went on. “I mean, I don’t know how you grew up, but I grew up learning that slavery happened, and it was awful. It was a scourge. This is not news.”

This stance issues a direct contradiction to comments made by several left-wing cable news hosts, such as Lemon, who drew a parallel to the teaching of slavery to the acceptance of a CRT-themed curriculum.

“What [public schools are] teaching is a whitewashed history,” stated Lemon back on the 5th of May. “Mostly our history is taught to elevate some people and to diminish other people. And the diminished part is mostly people of color.” In the same vein, Joy Reid, a host with MSNBC, claimed back in June that “currently, most K-12 students already learn a kind of Confederate Race Theory, whereby the Daughters of the Confederacy long ago imposed a version of history wherein slavery was not so bad.”

Reid did, quite infamously, not go on to specify which curriculum taught that “slavery was not so bad.”

Quite a few other hosts have tried to conflate CRT with America’s past history of racial injustice and prejudice. “Can they not teach American history correctly?” questioned Chuck Todd, the host of “MTP Daily,” back on the 15th of June concerning teachers that were restricted by anti-CRT laws. “Republicans claim they support the holiday [of Juneteeth] while simultaneously passing laws to make sure your kids can’t learn about it in school,” Reid claimed falsely just two days later while on “The ReidOut.” That very night, Don Lemon issued an ominous warning that various unspecified people on “The Right … don’t think that the full history of our country should be taught in schools.” Back on the 8th of July, Chris Cuomo, one of CNN’s highest-rated hosts, stated that “teachers in America are being bullied from teaching students accurate history about race. It’s not just about talking too much about race. … [T]his is about really suppressing any talk about it.”

All of this alongside Cupp’s testimony directly establishes that the public school systems through America effectively thought that slavery was “a scourge” well before these controversies over CRT.


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