Gubernatorial Bid Gets Weird As McAuliffe Desperately Appeals To Taylor Swift Fans

Terry McAuliffe, a Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia, has supposedly turned and asked for help from the fans of Taylor Swift in a bid to gather support as their race for the governor of Virginia starts to heat up.

As reported by The Verge, the campaign for McAuliffe has put out a new ad series all across Facebook, Instagram, and Google in efforts to reveal the role of Glenn Youngkin, the republican candidate for governor, in the heated issue surrounding the sale of Taylor Swift’s master recording a few years back.

Just last year, the outlet reported that Youngkin “retired as co-CEO of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group before launching his 2021 gubernatorial bid. At Carlyle, Youngkin worked with the media executive Scooter Braun to acquire Big Machine Label Group, taking control of all of Swift’s master recordings and, for a time, refusing to sell them back to the singer.”

“Several months later, Swift called on Carlyle to intervene in the deal, saying that the acquisition made it more difficult for her to perform her own music and produce her Netflix documentary named after her record Reputation.”

In a Tumblr blog post, Swift wrote that the label had already been sold.

The Rolling Stone reported:

“For years I asked, pleaded for a chance to own my work. Instead I was given an opportunity to ‘earn’ one album back at a time, one for every new one I turned in,” Swift began her post. From there, she details how she knew Borchetta would eventually sell the label but claims she had no knowledge — and no expectation — that it would be to Braun.

Since then, Swift has started to re-record her old albums in an attempt to pull attention far away from the original recordings, and seemingly try and secure creative and financial control over all of her old songs, as reported by NPR.

McAuliffe’s campaign put forth a five-figure investment towards the purchase of the advertisements which have been aimed at people who are Talor Swift fans and take part in her content across Instagram and Facebook. “They will also place ads in Google search results for Virginians that search for her name,” added The Verge.

The series of ads reportedly contains various pictures of Swift and Youngkin and sport the hashtag #WeStandWithTaylor, which is a tag that has been used by her die-hard fans to show their support during the whole ordeal with Braun.


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