Governor Of New York Signs New Extreme Gun Control Bill

Kathy Hochul, the Democrat governor of New York, officially signed her name to a massive gun law this past Friday which sought to ban people from carrying their guns throughout a laundry list of “sensitive locations,” which included all churched throughout the state and Times Square itself.

The heavily restrictive new piece of legislation has been pushed through just a short period of time in the wake of the Supreme Court issuing a ruling that removed an over 100-year-old law about concealed carry laws for New York.

“While this ruling issued by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority invalidates the concealed carry permit restrictions, the decision allows states to issue licensing requirements for carrying a firearm,” explained the New York State Majority via a release. “In light of this decision, the Senate Majority is taking action to address the invalidated provisions and counter the potential effects of this ruling on public safety.”

Areas that are slated to be included in the firearm bans include Times Square, churches, bars, restaurants, airports, public parks, subways, trains, buses, ferries, schools, libraries, public parks, zoos, homeless shelters, and private property without permission of the property owner.

Lee Zeldin, a Congressman and Republican gubernatorial candidate for New York, stated that Hochul was now trying to target law-abiding citizens of New York with the new bill, reported Fox News via a recent interview.

“They’re creating these locations as targets because now, as a criminal, if you wanted to carry out one of your acts of targeting someone with an illegal firearm, you know that you’re likely to encounter less resistance because the only people who care about these laws passed today are the law-abiding citizens,” stated Zeldin.

These new restrictions concerning where guns can be carried also just as the heavily Democrat-dominated New York strongarmed through a piece of legislation that sports a provision that would make it a requirement of all those seeking gun permits to hand over their social media accounts in order to be judged for “character and conduct.”

Before she actually signed the new bill, Hochul claimed that this gun control bill was “the embodiment of what it means to be an American. In honor of our Fourth of July weekend.”

Many Republicans and gun rights advocates have come forth with warnings about the extreme constitutional implications of the gun legislation.

Nick Langworthy, the New York GOP Chairman, labeled Hochul as an outright “national embarrassment.”

“It may be the start of Independence Day weekend but New Yorkers’ constitutional freedoms were just trampled on by Kathy Hochul and her pawns in the legislature. This bill is a political charade that makes New Yorkers less safe,” he exclaimed. “Only under the insanity of New York Democrats can you get out of jail free for possessing an illegal firearm, but be targeted by the government for being a law-abiding citizen exercising your constitutional rights.”

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