Gop Reps Asks Ethics Committee to Investigate Joaquin Castro

The Republicans in the House have asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate Joaquin Castro over his doxing of Trump donors who are now having their businesses protested and their lives threatened by unhinged Democrats. (Is there any other kind?)

He has targeted them in order to try to benefit his brother, Julian Castro, who is running a fool’s errand for the Democratic nomination for president. He has about as much chance of becoming president as Kamala Harris has of becoming even mildly intelligent.

Putting people in danger for political gain is truly atrocious but something I fully expect from the opposition party.

From The Western Journal

The House Ethics Committee could have a serious controversy on its hands if House Republicans get their way: Rep. Joaquin Castro’s tweets that targeted San Antonio residents who had donated to President Trump.

Whether or not it ever sees the light of day — given the fact the committee is controlled by the Democrats — remains to be seen.

The complaint was made in a Friday letter sent to Ethics Committee Chairman Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida, a Democrat, and ranking Republican Rep. Kenny Marchant of Texas, according to The Hill.

In the letter, several Republican representatives said that by choosing to publicly list the donors on his Twitter account, Castro was encouraging harassment of his own constituents simply for their beliefs.

“Posting a target list of private citizens simply for supporting his political opponent is antithetical to our principles and serves to suppress the free speech and free association rights of Americans,” the letter, signed by Reps. Andy Biggs, Matt Gaetz, Jody Hice, Debbie Lesko, Jeff Duncan, Randy Weber, and Ted Budd, read.