Gold Star Family Takes On Admiral Who Told Trump to Lift His Security Clearance

Gold Star parents, Billy and Karen Vaughn, were taken back by Admiral William McRaven. (the idiot that says Brennan is a man of honor) They were especially perturbed by the fact McRaven said no one should be making it political…

While his man of honor is doing nothing but making it political. McRaven has made it political, too. He implied Obama was the greatest president ever. Even though it was his insane rules of engagement that led to the deaths of 30 Americans in the Extortion 17 helicopter. In which the Vaughn’s son Aaron was riding in. A whistleblower claims if not for engagement rules, those 30 Americans would be alive today.


On January 4, 2013, McRaven met with the Vaughns to discuss Extortion 17. In his book, Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as Told by a Navy SEAL’s Father, Billy recalls his meeting with the admiral, writing about heated exchanges with him over details of the shoot down.

He also claims that McRaven–who emphasized he did not want their meeting to be “political” — continued to praise President Obama throughout a discussion with his family.

In a statement the Vaughns wrote:

Mr. McRaven has publicly exposed his true colors. While most see him as an esteemed man in uniform, our personal experience led us to view him through a much different light…

When we began to speak publicly about the facts we had collected regarding the shoot down, we experienced severe intimidation from military leadership who, at that time, served at the pleasure of Admiral McRaven. The accusation? We were being “political.” And you never mix military service and politics. Never. Imagine the irony, in our eyes, to read McRaven’s current letter to our President, using his voice as the former Commander of USJSOC.

He could not be more political. He’s confronting a sitting President, making a blanket statement that President Trump has “embarrassed us in the eyes of our children.” Well, sir, our children aren’t embarrassed. Our son would have been proud to have served under this Commander in Chief and quite frankly, might still be alive today if he had. 
You, Mr. McRaven, have no right to speak for Americans in general.

The facts have shown that Mr. Brennan is a bad actor. To defend him as you have makes us wonder if you are possibly posturing for something significant? Maybe the nation should take a closer look at your motives, sir, as we have been forced to do as a family.

Finally, the Vaughns said their son would have been proud to serve under President Trump. Also, they went on to say if he had, he would probably be alive today. That’s not just conjecture. On the advice of his generals, President Trump changed the rules of engagement. The U.S. decimated ISIS and instead of losing ground in Afghanistan, they are gaining ground. They’re also crippling the terrorists by hitting the poppy fields and the drug processing areas in Afghanistan.