Gayle King Issues Insane Ultimatum Aimed At Family

As part of an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci that took place back on July 12th, Gayle King, anchor for CBS This Morning, stated that she is currently planning to not allow any of her family that has not chosen to take the COVID-19 vaccine to attend any Thanksgiving celebrations at her home.

King questioned Fauci about what concerns him the most about the new Delta variant of the coronavirus, and the chief medical advisor for Old Uncle Joe’s administration stated, “First of all, the virus can transmit much more readily from person to person … given the number of people in the country who are not vaccinated, that really is the concern.”

He went on to say, “We’re concerned about those regions of the country — those states, those areas, those cities — in which the level of vaccination is really quite low, hovering around 30 percent or so. You’ve got to do much better than that or you’re going to start seeing … a considerable increase in the number of cases that are going to be localized to those areas with low vaccination rates.”

In response to this, King stated that she has a few family members who have stated that they do not want to get the vaccine. In an attempt to put pressure on her family to conform to her thinking, the news anchor stated that she is going to issue an ultimatum, telling them that they will not be welcome in her house for Thanksgiving if they do not conform to her way of thinking.

“I don’t know how many more times you can say to people, ‘Listen, it will save your life,’” she stated to Fauci, going on to add, “I have this problem with some members of my own family, which I’m now going to ban for Thanksgiving vacation. That’s how strongly I’m taking what you’re saying.”

In the past, we have seen King be an extremely outspoken advocate of the COVID-19 vaccine. Back in May, she issued statements in an interview with late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert on the subject of her constant fear that she was feeling at the height of the pandemic, stating, “Honestly. I’ve been so afraid, hunkered down here at home. I’m tired of being scared.” She then proceeded to describe the sense of relief she felt when she was finally eligible to receive her doses of the vaccine.

“I was so afraid to leave the house,” she stated of the time she spent during the lockdowns. “We were broadcasting from here, so I’d literally go from my bedroom to the TV room to the kitchen to the bedroom to the TV room. For excitement, I’d go stand in the living room and wave at the birds! ‘Hi, birds! Hi!’ I was so afraid. But now, Stephen, I am vaccinated,” she said. “It is my superpower. I am vaccinated. … I’m taking little baby steps [back into the world].”

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