Fox Panel Rips Into Gov. Cuomo About Nursing Home Deaths

A group on Friday’s segment of the Fox News panel show “The Five” ignited and went off on Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, criticizing him over sexual misconduct allegations and the number of nursing home residents who died of COVID-19 in his state.

“It’s amazing that the cover-up was all about this book,” Gutfeld began. “It’s like they didn’t want the dead to interfere with his successful book launch. Like imagine in May 1912, we are doing a book on the captain of the Titanic but don’t mention the incident with the iceberg, it will make him really unhappy.”

In the panel, Gutfield argued that Cuomo, in addition to apologizing to the women he allegedly harassed, should apologize for the thousands of citizens who had died in New York nursing homes.

“He should be apologizing for that too, but it’s like apologizing for using foul language while mugging senior citizens,” Gutfeld continued.

Williams fired back, saying Cuomo had been getting his fair share of the criticism — for both the nursing home deaths and the allegations of sexual misconduct– from the more liberal groups like the New York Times. He quickly turned the topic to DeSantis, stating the Florida Governor had been accused of giving early vaccine access to wealthy donors.

“Can we stay on Cuomo? Can we stay on Cuomo?” McDowell tossed back to re-orient the group.

Watters added in, calling Cuomo’s apology “too little too late” and stating, “Juan, leave DeSantis out of this. Cuomo signed a death warrant for these nursing homes and then doctored the evidence for profit, for a $700,000 book advance.”

“He did this for money,” Watters added. “He hid the body count for money, then wrote a book about how he aced the pandemic. That is like O.J. writing a book on the #metoo movement. No, Juice, you’re not the guy.”

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