Fox News Segment Goes Wild As Guest Talks About January 6th Hearings

A Fox News piece that aired on Sunday evening went a bit haywire when one of the guests attacked the network due to its choice to leave its prime time schedule to run as normal and air the January 6th hearings via Fox Business Network.

One liberal radio host from Wisconsin, Muke Crute, joined in on “Fox News Live” that was hosted by Mike Emanuel, and he made the argument that the currently taking place January 6th Committee hearing should have been made the central focus of news stations, including Fox News, as they had been for every other network across the nation. But once Emanuel pushed back, Crute continued to go after the network with even more fervor.


Emanuel started out the segment talking about an article from The New York Times, which questioned whether Old Uncle Joe should be looking for a second term and put forth the question that Democrats might have even started to become sour on the idea and put that same question out to his guests.

“Well, we absolutely need to take the fight to Republicans,” answered Crute. “Joe Biden should be out there fighting for democracy every single day. We should be talking about the January 6th hearings that go again live, that this network failed to cover because I tell you what, the real fight is for democracy. The real fight is for the soul and the real bull shit is that your network won’t cover it.”

“‘Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!’ Emanuel tried to interject. “We covered it plenty, we just aired it on the Fox Business Network.”

“Fox Business Network my butt, Mike!” fired back Crute.

“Dude! You’re gonna come on here — let me set the record straight. I wanna be neutral here. But when you attack our network, I’ve got a problem with that,” fired back Emanuel.

Crute then questioned whether or not the network had even advertised the live hearings as part of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and that was when Emanuel’s other currently present gues, Jess Crouere, chose to jump into the mix.

“That’s the kind of — Mike, let me get in here,” he started. “That’s the filth we get from the other side using profane language.”

“That’s exactly the words used by the former Attorney General Bill Barr,” stated Crute.

“The Democrats want to focus on everything but the main issue,” Crouere went on. “We’ve got historic inflation. American people are not able to keep up with these costs. They are falling further behind every month. The Biden Administration —”

“Republicans didn’t do squat, Jeff —” Crute attempted to interrupt as an arguement.

“Fellows, we have to run,” Emanuel jumped in to silence both of them, adding, “Jeff, Mike, slug it out after the break.”


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