Fourth Grade Teacher Had Some…Unholy Extracurricular Activities

It has recently come to light that one fourth-grade teacher has quite an odd job to go along with their teaching career, the running of a Satanic Temple.

The teacher in question, Jessica Klikas, is employed at Haverhill Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is shown as a staff member when looking through the school’s employee directory as well as on the website for the Southwest Allen County School district, where she has held employment since early 2019.

Throughout all of this, Klikas has been the owner of The Satanic Temple Indiana, as found in the Indiana Secretary of State records, reported REAL News Michiana.

She initially opened The Satanic Temple Indiana, which has also been known as Porta Infernum (Gate of Hell) LLC, back in 2019 in the same month that she started working for the school system as a fourth-grade teacher, as reported by the records. The LLC itself was dissolved back in March of 2020, states the records, which coincides with the starting of the COVID-19 lockdowns spreading across the country.

Despite all of this, the temple itself seems to still be up and operating, as read on its website, Instagram, and Twitter feed.

The teacher was also highlighted in quite a few different posts from the Instagram page of The Satanic Temple Indiana, reported Real News Michiana, but it seems that those posts have since been taken down.

At the first of the year, officials with the school district put forth a statement attempting to defend the employment of Klikas.

“We do not ask our teachers, or any employees, about their religious beliefs,” stated an email coming from Southwest Allen County Schools’ Director of Human Resources, reported the outlet. “Per our School Board Policy, ‘The Board of Education of SACS believes that all persons ought to be free to follow their own religious beliefs, without government interference, according to the dictates of their own consciences and in accordance with law.’ As a public school corporation, our teachers are expected to teach the approved curriculum and they are not to impose their personal beliefs onto their students.”

Additionally, another Twitter account, which seems to also belong directly to Klikas, has reportedly been found featuring quite a few pro-Satanism posts, including one thread which in which it replied with a heart emoji to Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple. In the same vein, those tweets seem to also have since been deleted.

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