Former Sec Of Homeland Security Reveals Biden’s Thoughts On Incoming Surge Of Illegal Immigration

This past Sunday, the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from the administration of former President Barack Obama, Jeh Johnson, claimed that Old Uncle Joe thinks that there is “no level of defense that can counteract the powerful push factors in Central America” that drive the massive incoming surge of illegal immigration along the southern border.

Johnson took part in an interview on “Face The Nation” from CBS News with Margaret Brennan. Brennan highlighted the fact that the Biden administration and the CDC were planning to cancel Title 42, which is the public health directive about the coronavirus that was set in place back in March of 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) while under the Trump administration and sets in place the restriction of asylum claims, which was responsible for the deportation of well over 1.7 million migrants. He went on to state, “When we hear from the administration that they could see as many as 18,000 migrants per day crossing that border, it seems incredible. Senate Democrats have said the administration is not prepared. Do you think they are?”

After issuing the claim that DHS officials had told him that they were “making preparations, that they are prepared, that there are resources, transportation in place for this level of of migration on our southern border,” stated Johnson, “Without a doubt, these are large numbers. DHS, I believe, has learned lessons from the past, in surges in the past, including when I was in office. But, still, numbers at these levels are difficult to handle on the southern border. Communities on the southern border, catholic charities, the volunteers, difficult to absorb these types of numbers under almost any scenario. It’s challenging for the Border Patrol, for ICE to properly process and track these individuals.”

Brennan highlighted that both Old Uncle Joe and VP Harris issued public statements calling for the migration to slow throughout 2021, then asked, “So why haven’t we heard anything like that now? Is it because the administration took so much heat from progressive Democrats?”

“Margaret, I can only tell you about my own experience dealing with this very, very difficult issue,” answered Johnson. “I have learned that you have to repeat a message dozens and dozens of times before people actually do begin to hear it.”

“The longer-term lesson, however, is that migration is a market sensitive phenomenon. It reacts sharply to news in the information marketplace about enhanced enforcement, decreased enforcement on our southern border,” he stated. “We can repeat these messages over and over again, and we should. But, as long as the underlying conditions exist, the poverty, violence in Central America exists, the numbers are going to always revert back to their longer-term trend lines. There is no level of defense that can counteract the powerful push factors in Central America. That’s something that I know President Biden believes in. We discussed it extensively when he was vice president and I was secretary of Homeland Security.”

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