Former Pentagon Official Makes Statement On UFOs In The United States

This past Wednesday in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), or more commonly known as the Department of Defense’s UFO program, stated that he thinks that the United States government is, in fact, in possession of many mysterious and “exotic” technologies as a result of encounters with unidentified aircraft.

The man of the hour is Luis Elizondo and he headed up the Pentagon’s AATIP unit for quite a few years until it was shut down in the mid-2010s. Elizondo took part in an interview with the Fox News host as a precursor to what is expected to be a major blockbuster Defense Department report that will be detailing the United States military’s encounters with many unidentified aerial phenomena (AUP).

In response to being questioned about whether the government is in possession of any physical evidence of any advanced technology, Elizondo stated to Carlson that he “believed it was true” that the military investigators had taken samples of “exotic materials.”

“Is there debris or materials from any of these vehicles?” Carlson asked.

“The United States government is in possession of exotic material and I’ll leave it at that,” Elizondo responded.

Elizondo was very careful with his words and would constantly stop short of outright saying that any encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena, even any that could be the source of his alleged “evidence” of superior technology, meant that the U.S. government has been in contact with any sort of extraterrestrial sentient life. Many officials who have recently been speaking about the upcoming Pentagon’s report have stated that it is quite possible that these “alien encounters” were encounters with odd spy technology from foreign governments.

“More analysis needs to be done,” Elizondo stated in reference to these “exotic materials.” “There is enough uniqueness about it where it requires additional analysis and additional expertise and thankfully there are pockets in the US government that are willing to have the conversation and conduct the analysis.”

Elizondo made the suggestion that any government officials looking to investigate these “exotic materials” hit roadblocks set in place from forces inside the Department of Defense and other agencies.

“I’m not going to say what those elements are because I’m worried about the same type of reprisal that I’m facing,” Elizondo stated to Carlson. “But there are pockets of people that are willing to do the right thing.”

Elizondo himself has been quite a vocal advocate for the investigating of all of these AUPs, and the interest surrounding his Pentagon assignment has spiked since this past December when then-President Donald Trump signed the bill that issued an order that demanded that the Defense Department release its information regarding the Advanced Aerospace Thread Identification Program by June 1.

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