Former Obama Official Throws Insane Statement At Police

A former official for the Obama administration has stated that all police officers should be subject to the removal of their pensions if they choose to not receive the COVID-19 vaccination because she thinks that unvaccinated people need “something to be taken away from them” if they refuse to “adult up.” The complete separation of Americans into a two-tiered society of “vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated” is “essentially how our society is being structured,” she exclaimed.

The same official has also previously called former President Donald Trump “the leader of a terrorist organization.”

A  former Department of Homeland Security official, Juliette Kayyem, explained her extremely controversial views this past Tuesday during an interview on an episode of “Don Lemon Tonight.”

“The reason why … people have become more comfortable with [vaccination] mandates is because the unvaccinated listening to this false news basically just needed a push, a nudge, something to be taken away from them, and then they sort of weighed that faulty information against the desire to keep their jobs — or in the case of state police, their desire to keep their pension,” she stated.

As found in the results of a survey from earlier this month by the San Diego Police Officers Association, over 65% of officers would consider turning in their badges if the city placed a mandate on them that forced them to get a COVID-19 vaccination, and over 45% would risk being fired.

Previously, Kayyem has posted on Twitter about her support for having all unvaccinated law enforcement officials lose their entire retirement income while ignoring their years of service:

If police officers quit they lose their pensions. They also aren’t likely to get hired by private sector which is requiring vaccines. These polls suggesting massive exodus in light of vaccination rules are rubbish. Call their bluff. They serve to protect public.

“Time to adult up,” she stated.

She is currently not alone in her insane of concerning peace officers who do not want to be forced to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Catherine Rampell, a fellow contributor for CNN, has also taken to showing her public support of cleaning house and removing from the ranks of law enforcement anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. “Many cops would lose seniority and retirement benefits if they quit early” stated Rampell in The Washington Post this past month. “So what? Let them quit.”

Kayyem also stated that “mandates are working” to raise the vaccination rates on CNN. “I’ve gotten much more forceful about mandates once we hit the wall, once the administration hit a wall in terms of vaccination,” she stated.

“I sort of stopped caring about anyone’s feelings. Like, I’m done with feelings,” Kayyem continued. “Like, you either get the vaccine and get to do all the things the vaccinated get to do, or you don’t and you don’t get to do all the things vaccinated do. And that’s essentially how our society is being structured.”


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