Former NYC Police Commissioner: Investigate Antifa Funding

Former NYC Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik is calling for the FBI to investigate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization and to find out who is behind the funding of this group.

Kerik also criticized Democrats whom he says are perfectly okay with their brand of terrorism and it must be stopped and all the roots pulled out before it grows any further. Kerik mentioned something I keep reminding you about.

Antifa only operates in liberal cities because that’s the only place they can get police protection and at the same time have the police turn a blind eye to their violence.

From Breitbart News

An FBI investigation of criminal conduct across Antifa would reveal its funding sources, said former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who offered his analysis of Antifa’s assault of journalist Andy Ngo in Portland in a Monday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Last Saturday, Ngo was allegedly assaulted by Antifa agitators in Portland, Oregon. He was later hospitalized for a brain bleed.

“I think the FBI has to get involved,” stated Kerik. “I agree with Ted Cruz. I think there has to be civil rights investigations. Somebody is funding these organizations. This is a domestic terror group. This is a group using violence and intimidation to attack people for political reasons, and when they do, that becomes an act of terrorism.”

Kerik continued, “[Antifa] should be investigated for criminal conduct and I’m sure — I’m 100 percent positive — that if you investigate them as a terrorist organization, you’re going to get to see the funding stream, and you’re going to find out who’s putting up the money to pay these nitwits to go out there and attack people.”

Kerik noted that Antifa’s criminal violence is mostly concentrated in cities under “Democratic rule [and] leadership.”