Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blames Fatherlessness For The Nation’s Issues

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out about the issue of fatherlessness in America while taking part in a recent live interview calling it a major driving force of many of the country’s issues.

DeSantis shared his comments with Dave Rubin as part of a live interview that was shared by “The Rubin Report” this past Wednesday.

“If you look at all the different problems society could deal with, a huge number of them are rooted in kids growing up without having a father in the home,” stated DeSantis.

“Part of it is sending a message. Men, meet your responsibilities. You have a responsibility,” added the governor.

DeSantis also spokes about his want to make a difference while in office through his role as the governor of Florida.

“There are people who get involved in elected office to be able to enjoy the accouterments of office, to be able to have a title. And then there are people who get in because they actually want to do something and make a difference. I’m the latter,” stated DeSantis.

The governor was met with a standing ovation from the live audience in attendance for his comments concerning the people of his state supporting his efforts to take a stand for freedom.

“When you stand up and you stand in that fire and you fight back for people, man, they will have your back. They will support you. That’s what we’ve shown in the state of Florida,” stated the governor to Rubin.

The governor also spoke about his battle with COVID-19 restrictions, slamming Dr. Anhony Fauci’s attempts to call for more lockdowns.

“We were the first big state to give every parent the ability to send their kid to school in-person way back in 2020,” he stated.

“Fauci opposed us having kids in school. He opposed what we were doing. When we had businesses open and protecting people’s jobs and were having these events, he opposed us every step of the way,” continued DeSantis. “That wasn’t based on data because the schooling was obvious, that you needed to have the kids in school. It was based more on ideology.”

Previously hosting his show in California, Rubin was all over the media headlines this past December when he announced his choice to make an exodus from the “dystopian nightmare” of California for greener pastures in Florida.

Rubin issued a personal thanks to California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom for being in the reason he chose to finally vacate the Golden State.

The host also called on DeSantis in his announcement, making reference to his soon to be home as “the free state of Florida,” and highlighting that he would, “See you soon.”

Personal thanks to @GavinNewsom as I am officially leaving the dystopian nightmare of California for the free state of Florida. My successful business and all my employees are coming with,” Rubin claimed in a Twitter post.

He then added on, “See you soon, @GovRonDeSantis!”



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