Fire Captain In Los Angeles In Trouble For Statements About The Vax Mandate

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) has launched an investigation against a captain who posted a recorded video of himself harshly criticizing the city’s new vaccination mandate for city employees workers, putting forth the claim that the policy is akin to “tyranny.”

This past Monday, officials put out a statement announcing that the department’s Professional Standards Division had begun looking into the investigation because Capt. Christian Granucci seemed to be on duty while he made the criticizing remarks against the new requirement he was wearing still in uniform at the time.

“I am so hopping mad right now. You have no idea,” stated Granucci, as he sat in front of the camera. “My head could pop.”

Reportedly, the video was taken using Granucci’s cellphone while he was still at work and on duty this past Monday morning. Graham then posted on Telegram and then later on in the day reposted it to YouTube. As part of the recording, Granucci made note of the fact that he would “more than likely catch total grief” for his statements and opinions and said his wife “is going to kill [him].”

Later on, in a statement, LAFD said that Granucci put forth the impression that he was speaking in an entirely official capacity on behalf of the department. As a result of this, he is looking down the barrel of major disciplinary actions.

Granucci, aged 52, stated that he had been working with the department for well over 31 years. He put the blame on the firefighters union for failing to put forth a more proactive approach in order to stop the new requirements from becoming mandates, going on to say that leaders “sat on their hands” and just let the issue cause division in its members.

“Now they are lockstep with total tyranny,” he stated. “This is not about politics. This is not about left or right. This is not about red versus blue. This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This isn’t even about vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This is tyranny. This is about freedom of choice.”

He put out the claim that hundreds of other union members were working alongside an attorney he called ” a shark.”

He put forth the call for the union representatives to “stand up and take the fiery arrows from the adversary of tyranny, and step in front of this and fight for us.”

As described by the Los Angeles Times, Granucci’s video is “a rare public outburst by a member of the Fire Department” going against the new ordinances, which still sits on the desk of Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti awaiting a final decision and signature.

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