FEC Hits Bernie Sander’s Campaign for 69 Pages of Illegal contributions.

The Bernie Sanders campaign has until October 2nd to explain 69 pages of illegal and questionable contributions.

Some of the donations are small but there are so many of them that they go over the legal limit, which the campaign is supposed to catch and refund the excess money.

One person donated just three dollars at a time but 20 of the 69 pages are this person, whoever they are. Chances are the worst thing that could happen is that Bernie will have to refund all of the extra money and pay a fine for not catching it themselves. But right now money is crucial and every penny counts.

From The Western Journal

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ struggle to become the Democratic front-runner in the 2020 presidential election seemingly hit a major speed bump this week, as the Federal Election Commission issued a document with 69 pages of problematic donations to his campaign.

The FEC letter, dated Aug. 28, “requests information essential to full public disclosure” of Sanders’ federal election campaign finances.

“Failure to adequately respond by the response date noted above could result in an audit or enforcement action,” the letter warns.

With an Oct. 2 deadline, Sanders has a little over a month to account for the 69 pages of “apparent excessive, prohibited, and impermissible contributions.”

Far from the small, grassroots donations that Sanders prides himself on, the document reveals plenty of contributions that exceed $1,000.

As things currently stand, although many of the fishy contributions to his 2020 campaign that were listed in the FEC letter were for $27, the frequency with which some people gave the amount is shocking.

One flagged donor gave the campaign more than two dozen donations in a roughly three-month period, each of them totaling $27. Others named in the document appeared to use the same tactic, with another contributor filling 20 pages of the report with almost exclusively $3 donations.