Far-Left ‘Squad’ Called Anti-Semitic For Its Choices About The Iron Dome Funding

As stated in reports, Democrats in the House have taken away a provision that provides Israel with just over $1 billion to use for its Iron Dome defense system from the ongoing resolution to try and avoid a total government shutdown past the 30th of September.

The legislative block has reportedly been championed by Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), which are the members of the so-called “Squad.”

“[House Democrats’] funding bill hit a last-minute snag after a group of House progressives revolted over the funding it would’ve provided for the Pentagon to help replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system,” stated Politico. “Democratic leaders stripped that provision from the measure just minutes before a procedural vote after pushback from their left flank.”

Politico went on to add that, as stated by an Appropriations Committee spokesperson, the funding for the Iron Dom will instead be slated as part of the new annual defense bill.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the legislators who were against the funding for the defensive Iron Dome system “includes progressive Democrats who signed a resolution in May aimed at blocking a $735 weapons sale to Israel during deadly violence between Israel and Hamas.”

The whole ordeal was called “tragic” by Senator Ted Cruz.

“Dem leadership surrenders to the anti-Semitic Left,” Cruz stated in a tweet. “They hate Israel so much that Dems are stripping $1 BILLION in funding for Iron Dome—a purely defensive system that protects countless innocent civilians from Hamas rockets.”

“Will any Dems have the courage to denounce?” he stated.

In another tweet, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated, “Democrats just pulled funding from the Iron Dome—the missile defense system that has saved countless lives in Israel from Hamas’ rocket attacks.”

“While Dems capitulate to the antisemitic influence of their radical members, Republicans will always stand with Israel,” he tweeted in conclusion.

“Why did the Democrats just strip out funding to support Israel’s Iron Dome?” questioned Tom Cotton, another senator, “Because the Iron Dome works.”

“For Ilhan Omar and the left, saving Israeli lives from terror attacks is unacceptable,” he finished.

“Some House Democrats hate Israel so much that they’re refusing to pass their own spending bill if it includes funding for the Iron Dome—which protects our ally from terrorists,” stated  House Republican Whip Steve Scalise in a tweet. “This is how radical they’ve become.”

“Progressives ‘win’ by stripping funding provision for Iron Dome, which has saved countless innocent lives from terrorist rockets in Israel, and is 100% defensive,” stated Guy Benson, the Political Editor for Townhall.com. “Pelosi caved. Disturbing and instructive.”

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