Families In Afghanistan Being Forces To Sell Prepubescent Girls For Safety

In the wake of President Biden forcing the pullout of the remaining U.S. Troops from Afghanistan in August, there have been many threatened and starving families that have resorted to having to sell their pre-pubescent girls into marriages to older Taliban men in order to survive.

“Though marrying off children under 15 is illegal nationwide, it has been commonly practiced for years, especially in more rural parts of Afghanistan. And it has only spread since August, driven by widespread hunger and desperation,” read a report from CNN.

The release from CNN that went out on Tuesday described multiple instances where the young girls were forcibly sold and then went on to assert that all international aid had stopped and the economy in the country has entirely collapsed.

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A human rights activist, Mohammad Naiem Nazem, stated to CNN in an interview, “Day by day, the numbers are increasing of families selling their children. Lack of food, lack of work, the families feel they have to do this.”

A young nine-year-old girl, Parwana Malik, stated to CNN that she was being sold and sent to a man who has said that he is 55 years old and has white eyebrows with a thick white beard. She further stated that she was very fearful that he would abuse her and force her to work for him. The father of the girl, Abdul Malik, stated to CNN, “We are eight family members. I have to sell to keep other family members alive.” When the man buying the girl arrived at her home, the father was crying and begged, “This is your bride. Please take care of her — you are responsible for her now, please don’t beat her.” Abdul Malik then went on to state to CNN, “The old man told me, ‘I’m paying for the girl. It’s none of your business what I’m doing with her … that’s my business.’”

“As they left, her father watching by the doorway, Parwana dug her feet into the dirt and tried to pull away — but it was no use. She was dragged to the waiting car, which slowly pulled away,” reported CNN.

Another small 10-year-old girl, Magul, was waiting to be sold to a 70-year-old man who had been her father’s creditor. About the situation, her father stated, “I don’t know what to do. Even if I don’t give him my daughters, he will take them.” The girl cried, “I really don’t want him. If they make me go, I will kill myself. I don’t want to leave my parents.”

Another father of two small daughters aged 4 and 9 stated he would sell the children for 100,000 Afghanis each, which roughly equates to $1,100 each.

Malik ended his statements, “As I can see, we don’t have a future — our future is destroyed. I will have to sell another daughter if my financial situation doesn’t improve — probably the 2-year-old.”

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