Famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein And CNN At The Center Of Cohen Scandal

You have probably played poker with someone who bluffs with absolutely nothing in their hands. Maybe he put your kids through college. If CNN played poker, that’s exactly who they would be. They refuse to give up the bluff they’ve been running since July 27th.

That story is of President Trump knowing about the Trump Tower meeting. They claim Michael Cohen was there and heard it. Cohen has denied the story twice. Then Cohen’s lawyer (Hillary’s “bestest” buddy) Lanny Davis, came forward and admitted he was the CNN source. But also he was mistaken and Cohen didn’t know about the meeting himself.

From Breitbart News

Another very fake news scandal has engulfed CNN as the network’s credibility crisis reaches another fever pitch just over a year after three senior network staffers were forced to resign in disgrace over a similar scandal.

This time, though, famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein is at the center of the scandal, and the network, for now, is dug in despite deep criticism from across the political and ideological spectrum as far-ranging as Breitbart News and Daily Caller among others on one side, and the Associated Press, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and more on the other.

It all began on July 27 when CNN’s Bernstein shared a byline with former Barack Obama administration official and chief CNN national security correspondent Jim Sciutto, along with CNN researcher and producer Marshall Cohen, with the headline: “Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting.”

Had they confessed at the time, they could’ve blamed it on Davis. But after insisting it was true, they’re all in with a three high. I call… Bulls*^t.

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