Evidence Suggests Comey Had Stolen Emails in March of 2016

Why is this so important? Because that would mean he had the stolen emails three months before the Russians allegedly stole them. In at least two articles I put forth the possibility that the stolen emails was an inside job and that the FBI was trying to set up the Trump campaign.

While also implicating the Russians in order to guaranty Hillary the election. The DNC claims that their server was hacked on June 6th. But Trump campaign official Michael Caputo claims he was offered the emails on May 6th, a full month before they were allegedly stolen.

Mueller is trying to cover up when the emails were actually stolen and avoiding explaining how he determined it was the Russians who stole them. It all comes from Roger Stone, who in his court case has asked for proof that the Russians stole the emails because if they didn’t, none of the charges against him will hold up in court.

WikiLeaks has maintained right along with the emails did not come from Russia. If that is true, then all cases from the Mueller investigation could be invalidated and Mueller could be held on obstruction charges.

From The Gateway Pundit

We reported two weeks ago that Roger Stone is requesting proof that the Russians hacked the DNC server, as was reported in the Mueller report. He claims if the Russians didn’t hack the DNC, his case should be dismissed. The problem for the Mueller team is that they and the FBI have never reportedly actually looked at the server.

The entire Russia collusion narrative is based on the premise that Russia hacked the DNC.  New evidence suggests that this too may be another Obama Deep State lie!

Roger Stone and his legal team are requesting the report from Crowdstrike, the firm connected with the Deep State who reportedly did inspect the DNC server after emails were released by WikiLeaks.