Ethiopian National Stabs to Death Random White Girl Walking Her Dog in DC

24-year-old Eliyas Aregahegne, of Northwest D.C., an Ethiopian national has been arrested after he stabbed a white girl randomly, killing her.

Margery Magill was walking a dog as she was working as a dog walker at the time she was murdered. MaGill was heard screaming  “Oh, no!” and “Help me!” She was heard by a couple who came rushing out of their house, who were later joined later by a man who knew CPR but MaGill died later at the hospital.

The Daily Mail reported:

A 27-year-old woman was fatally stabbed while walking a dog in Washington, DC, in what police say was a random attack.

Margery Magill, a California native who was interning the capital for the summer, suffered multiple stab wounds and bled out on the sidewalk just before 9pm on Tuesday

Police say 24-year-old Eliyas Aregahegne randomly targeted Magill as she was walking a dog for a family who hired her through the Rover app.

Aregahegne is facing charges of first-degree murder while armed. Police said the incident did not appear to be an attempted robbery or sexual assault, and there was nothing to indicate that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

From The Washinghton Post

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said that a motive remains unknown, that detectives have ruled out robbery and sexual assault, and that they found no connection between the victim and the suspect. Newsham drew comparisons to two other random killings that have claimed the lives of people doing the most everyday activities in neighborhoods not accustomed to violent crime.

A police spokesman confirmed that he was referring to Wendy Martinez, a runner who was brutally stabbed by a disturbed man in September as she passed through Logan Circle, and Robert Bolich, a 62-year-old bridge inspector stabbed on the job last week, allegedly by a man who told police that the devil made him do it. Martinez’s killer has been convicted; a man charged in Bolich’s stabbing is awaiting trial.

Newsham said he hopes the quick arrest in Magill’s killing will help “alleviate some of the fears that are out there in the community.” He called the District, experiencing a 13 percent spike in homicides this year, “a very, very safe city” and called this type of crime “very rare.”