Environmentalists Put Pressure on Democrats To Go After Exxon

If you can’t win at the ballot box, go to the courts. If you can’t win in the courts, go to the Democratic House. Many state AGs sued Exxon and in each and every case, they had their suits thrown out of court.

They were unable to win the Senate and the White House, so now environmentalists are counting on the House to bully Exxon into a settlement. They want ExxonMobil and all of the other big oil companies to finance their already failed green energy policies. Their real goal is to make oil and gas so expensive that green energy won’t look so costly.

From The Daily Caller

House Democrats, according to reports, are planning to hold hearings over alleged Russian meddling, President Donald Trump’s rocky relationship with the media, and may attempt to impeach Supreme Court Justice Judge Kavanaugh. However, incoming Democrats could also aim their subpoena power at non-White House targets.

350.org, an environmental activist organization, is circling a petition that encourages Democratic lawmakers to investigate ExxonMobil over its knowledge and contribution to climate change. The accusations ring very similar to the #ExxonKnew campaign that’s been waged for several years against the major oil company.

“Launch a congressional investigation into ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel corporations for propagating confusion and denial about the scientific truth of climate change and for hiding the risks posed by their business activities to the planet,” read a portion of 350’s letterdemanding “real climate leadership” from the upcoming 116th Congress.

Jamie Henn, a 350 co-founder, told Axios that an investigation into Exxon and other big oil companies should be a priority for the House Technology, Science and Space Committee.

I got a funny feeling that the House will concentrate on investigations and legislation will be nil.