Elizabeth Warren Wants Massive Tax Increases on Guns and Ammo and Investigation Into the NRA

Everything about Elizabeth Warren screams extremism. Green New Deal, slavery reparations, free college, forgiving all student loans. You will have to pay over 200% of your pay in order to finance everything she is promising.

Now, she wants a 30% tax on guns and a 50% tax on ammunition. In addition, she wants a full investigation into the NRA and new laws that make it easier ti imprison gun manufacturing executives based on vague standards.

She wants to eliminate the filibuster and to pack the Supreme Court with liberal activist judges. Aren’t you glad she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning?

From Fox News

Democratic 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Saturday unveiled a sweeping gun control proposal that would see higher taxes on gun manufacturers, waiting periods for guns and an investigation into the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The Massachusetts senator’s proposal comes a week after the two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio that left more than 30 people dead and dozens injured. Warren begins her plan with a goal of dramatically reducing gun deaths and then proposing policies that would help achieve that goal.

“In 2017, almost 40,000 people died from guns in the United States. My goal as President, and our goal as a society, will be to reduce that number by 80 percent,” Warren said in a Medium post announcing the plan. “We might not know how to get all the way there yet. But we’ll start by implementing solutions that we believe will work.”

Warren proposes executive action to “rein in an out-of-control” gun industry and hold manufacturers accountable for gun violence. Those actions include background checks, extending bulk sale reporting requirements and raising the minimum age for purchase on certain guns.

She also promises to investigate “the NRA and its cronies.”

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