Elementary School Plans And Executes Field Trip….To A Gay Bar

Down in Florida this past week, a public school gathered and took a group of young students to a well-known gay bar while calling it a field trip, as was seen in photos of the trip that were posted on social media by a school board member.

Out in Broward County this past Wednesday, Wilton Manors Elementary School took its young students on a trip to Rosie’s Bar and Grill, which is a well-known local gay bar, stated a school board member.

I was SO honored to be invited to chaperone @WiltonManorsES’s field trip to the incredible Rosie’s!” stated Sarah Leonardi, a Broward County School Board Member, in a tweet heading the album of photos of the classes outing.

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“The students and I had a fun walk over and learned a lot about our community!” she continued.

The photos posted to social media show a group of 18 small children posing for a picture while wearing matching shirts in front of the bar’s sign. Another image showed the children seated at tables inside the rainbow-decorated interior of the bar wearing face masks and supposedly listening to a presentation.

The school board member also seemed to suggest in her post that this same field trip to the gay bar may have been a regular thing, offering “a huge thank you” to Rosie’s “for hosting this special field trip every year!”

The social media post invited outrage all over Twitter after the account Libs of Tik Tok reposted a story about the field trip.

“Get your kids out of public schools,” one user replied.

“The kind of bar is not even the point… it’s a BAR…” exclaimed another.

“I remember when school field trips were to Butterfly World, Bonnet House, or the museum,” stated a post from a private Facebook group titled Moms for Liberty – Broward County, FL, as seen in a screenshot of the group’s post.

The menu at Rosie’s, found on its website, headlines dishes sporting names such as Rhoda Cowboy, Ivana Hooker, Hellena Bun (with “Smack My Cheeks and Make ‘em Rosy” sauce), Georgia Bleu, Young Ranch Hand, and Willy Cheesesteak. It is not known if the children were given menus to read during their trip there.

“Rosie’s Bar and Grill has been a tropical oasis in the middle of the Island City, Wilton Manors, since 2006, offering amazing food and refreshing drinks and sassy fun,” stated the website. “Whether you come for lunch or dinner, for Sunday Funday Brunch or for just a few drinks… whether you are LBGTQ+ or an ally…whether you are local or visiting… whether you come with a group or venture out solo… you will have a memorable experience with the most talented crew in South Florida.”


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