Drug Cartels Take Over Lands In Desert Says L.A. Sheriff

Alex Villanueva, the Los Angeles County Sheriff, made an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend early Saturday morning in order to talk about his goal of eliminating illegal marijuana farms currently being operated by drug cartels that have set up their operations in the desert during the pandemic lockdown.

We have seen high taxes and strict regulations resulting in a thriving black market for cannabis, even though recreational cannabis sales became legal in California in 2018.

In an announcement made earlier this past week, Villanueva stated that law enforcement had seized lots of over 16 tons of illegal pot during its latest 10-day operation that would have had an estimated street value slated to be around $1.2 billion USD. The latest effort was aimed at the Antelope Valley located in northern L.A. County, which is part of the Mojave Desert. As part of a press conference that took place on Wednesday, the sheriff stated that he wanted to “send a clear message to the cartels and anyone doing illegal operations in the High Desert: your days are over, and we are coming for you.” He also stated that Asian and Armenian organized crime groups were involved in the unlawful harvests in that area.

“During the pandemic year, we counted 150 of these illegal grows in the High Desert, but now in 2021, we did another survey, that number grew to 500,” Villanueva stated to Fox News. “The cartels moved in during the pandemic and had basically taken over large tracts of the desert floor.”

Villanueva also stated that authorities targeted around 40% of the illegal grows during the most recent operation, which he called a “down payment” of the “big goal” to “eliminate the cartel operations in the High Desert area.”

“These illegals grows, obviously there’s no taxation involved, there’s no regulation, they take over open public lands, they steal the water from the local farmers, and they use all of the heavy pesticides and fertilizers which goes right into the ground and actually destroys the aquifer for the High Desert and the residential communities,” stated Villanueva. “So this is a major existential threat for the communities, so we’re doing our best to knock this out once and for all.”

A partial transcript stated:

VILLANUEVA: Whatever is going on at the border, we’re getting a steady supply of people based on human trafficking that are out there in the desert. And they’re the workers, the peons. They’re the ones that, they showed up a week later out there in the middle of nowhere tending to a farm, and a guy comes by, throws some cash at them once a month, and sadly, that’s the sad reality of this entire human trafficking thing. A lot of these people are indentured servants to the cartels, so they are almost as much of a victim as the community.

HEGSETH: So the cartel traffics them across, makes them work there, and they’re effectively indentured servants maybe sending money back home, whatever that may be, and ultimately drug is their product. Can you eradicate this, sheriff?

VILLANUEVA: We can eradicate what we can see in the High Desert, and we are well on our way to doing that. Our only limitation is just the sheer resources.

Villanueva, who is an outspoken Democrat, told Fox News that federal agencies “are pitching in, but apparently, there’s a rule that says that the DEA can only reimburse local law enforcement $19,000 a year in overtime, and this [operation] obviously dwarfs that, so we need to change that regulation so we can raise the bar.”


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