Dropping Water Levels In Lake Mead Unveils Yet Another Body

The water levels in the Lake Mead reservoir are still sporting record-shattering lows, and most recently this has resulted in the discovery of yet another dead body.

The finding of this body follows in the wake of the finding of two others earlier this year, which has kicked off some heavy speculation about the origins of these bodies as many officials continue to investigate.

As of the 25th of July, this third body was discovered near Swim Beach, where quite a few park visitors end up in order to go swimming. Officials for the park shut the area down and called in assistance to start up an investigation in the wake of the bodies surfacing.

“Park rangers are on scene and have set a perimeter to recover the remains,” the National Park Service stated in a release. “The Clark County Medical Examiner has been contacted to determine the cause of death. The investigation is ongoing.”

As of writing, it has not yet been determined whether the person was female or male, but Melanie Rouse, the Clark County Coroner, stated that the body was found buried in the mud along the receding shoreline slightly north of the Hemenway Harbor Marina.

This past Thursday, authorities found the body of a kayaker who had gone missing this past week and seems to have drowned. It seems as though the 31-year-old male failed to maintain control of his kayak while out on the lake and seemed to have gone under the water on Wednesday.

After an extensive search involving search-trained scuba divers along with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, the body was discovered, and the incident is still being considered under investigation.

While the lake itself is known by locals to be quite hazardous to those who choose to swim,  the first body found over this sweltering summer seemed to be a few decades old, and some think it could be connected to old mob killings. This suspicion sparked the FBI to step in and start their own investigation into this body in order to assist local authorities.

Earlier this month, SHrinking water levels also revealed an old boat from World War II that had been previously sunk in the mud. A Higgins landing craft broke the surface of the water next to Hemenway Harbor and the Lake Mead Marina, and officials with the National Park Service (NPS) hold out hope that its discovery could open up educational opportunities. The Higgins craft found in Lake Mead was utilized to carry out exploration of the Colorado River and later by a local diving company.


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