Donald Trump Jr Blasts Illogical Logic From Chris Hayes

Don Trump Jr blasts Chris Hayes for accusing the president of making things dangerous for virulent anti-Semitic Democrat Ilhan Omar by quoting her directly, word for word. It was her words that angered people, not the president repeating what she said.

Not only did Trump Jr criticized Chris “Fake News” Hayes for claiming that Trump made it dangerous for Omar but then pointed out that all of the fake news coming from Hayes and his fellow hosts at MSNBC stirred up people against his father and made his life more dangerous.

If Omar is in trouble it’s due to her anti-American vocabulary.

From The Daily Caller

Donald Trump Jr. fired back Saturday morning by sarcastically noting that the president was simply quoting Omar’s own words. He then lit into the media’s “insane leftist commentary and lies” which, by Hayes’ logic, would “actively and willfully” endanger President Trump’s life. (RELATED: The Slow Suicide Of The Liberal Media Continues)

“Yea, he should really stop quoting her directly,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “By your stupid logic does all of your network’s insane leftist commentary and lies over the last 2 years ‘actively and willfully’ endanger the life of the President? Asking for people who actually like America and Americans.”

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