Does Rod Rosenstein’s Have A “Big Move” To Destroy President Trump?

Deep State dirty cop, Rod Rosenstein made a big move a while back to ensure that with or without evidence, the witch hunt against President Trump could continue into the next century.

Rosenstein transferred the case against Michael Cohen to the Southern District of New York, which is known for pursuing cases that have no merit other than propaganda value for the Democrats. But, there was one problem. It seems that the office the referral went to was headed by  Geoffrey Berman. But according to Wired Sources, Rosenstein ordered Berman to recuse himself, so that anti-Trump prosecutors could take over the case.

“JUST IN: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein ordered Trump-appointed US attorney Geoffrey Berman to recuse himself from Michael Cohen case, letting Democrat holdovers of anti-Trump Preet Bharara pursue the case – NYP”

Bloomberg reported:

Khuzami was put in charge of the Cohen investigation after the U.S. attorney who Trump appointed to lead the office, Geoffrey Berman, recused himself. It’s unclear why Berman did so, but he previously worked in the law firm of Greenberg Traurig LLP, which also employed Rudy Giuliani, a top Trump campaign supporter who’s now his personal lawyer.

Berman was appointed by Trump after the president fired prosecutor Preet Bharara in March 2017. Bharara, who was appointed by President Barack Obama and won fame for prosecuting insider-trading cases, has become a scathing critic of Trump on social media and a podcast…

…And while New York prosecutors are required to notify the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section if they want to pursue election fraud cases, there haven’t been any signs of tension between the office and Justice Department headquarters with regard to the Cohen investigation, the person said.

Rosenstein made the decision to give the Cohen case to SDNY following a referral from Mueller.That also ensured the investigation could continue even if Trump somehow managed to fire the special counsel, a politically dangerous move that many Republicans have warned the president to avoid.

So much for a fair and impartial investigation. Here is the hilarious part. Rosenstein told (If he told) Berman to recuse himself because of conflicts of interest. That certainly didn’t bother Rosenstein with Mueller, who has more conflicts than a schoolyard bully.

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