Disney Forced To Apologize After Employee Rushes Guests To Crash Marriage Proposal

Things aren’t so magical in the kingdom right now as Disney has officially apologized to a couple who has their marriage proposal ruined by a particularly mean-hearted rules stickler employee.

A recording of the event recently went viral, sparking an insanely large and swift backlash from those online. The post titled “POS destroyed my best friend’s moment. He asked for permission beforehand” was submitted to Reddit’s “I Am a Total Piece of S***” subreddit and gathered a massive 95,000 upvoted, as reported by Newsweek.

The recording shows a man dropping down to one knee in front of his bride to be directly in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. However, before he can finish popping his question, a uniformed employee sprints across the scene and snatches the ring box out of the mans hands.

Many onlookers reacted with total shock and even more started to boo at the employee who interrupted the beautiful proposal moment. In the video, you can hear the man saying. “She said yes,” while seemingly pointing to the Disney employee who snatched the ring box from his grasp.

“Yes, that’s great but over here will be even better,” quickly responds the employee, quickly attempting to push the couple off of the elevated platform as the upset crowd continues to boo.

The person who posted the incident on Reddit claimed that his friend had been given permission from another Disney employee. User wasgehtlan stated in one comment about the video that his friend “actually asked a female co-worker” if doing the proposal on the stage was allowed.

“The woman gave him permission, [then] this POS ran up to him and [grabbed] the ring,” stated the poster.

“We regret how this was handled,” stated a spokesperson from Disney in comments to Newsweek. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

Commenters all over the post just couldn’t believe the audacity of what took place. Quite a few pointed out how “smug” the employee seemed to be while destroying the beautiful moment. “He’s so proud of himself,” remarked on commenter.

“Look how f**king smug this guy is, just standing there and pointing to the gate,” another person echoed.

Yet another commenter piped in with a joke about how the man must have not gotten around to paying the “$149 optional ‘Proposal Photograph’ fee” as he made his way into the park.

Quite a few people gave reactions not to just how the employee handled the situation, but instead of just asking the pair to step off the platform he rushed them and snatched their property out of their hands. Many pointed out another layer, considering that the item in question was a possibly extremely expensive engagement ring.

“When I worked there back in the days, we couldn’t move a parked stroller or backpack left unattended,” noted a former Disney employee.


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