Disgusting Guy, Caught In The Act, Gets Exactly What’s Coming To Him

A suspect who broke into the room of a 12-year-old girl and undresses ends up with six holes in his body but he managed to live and had to be brought into court in a wheelchair to answer charges.

When the man entered her room, the girl hid under the covers, turned the volume down on her phone and called her mother,  Tina Burton. When the man, Donald Oliver, got distracted, the girl made a dash for it and got away. Oliver walked out to the kitchen where he confronted the mother’s boyfriend.

It got physical and Burton gave her boyfriend a gun and he fired 6 shots into the intruder.

From Breitbart News

A suspect who allegedly broke into a 12-year-old’s bedroom in Louisville, Kentucky, was confronted by the homeowner then shot six times.

WDRB reports the 12-year-old got under her blankets and texted her mother to let her know the suspect was allegedly in her room.

Her mother, Tina Burton, said, “She hid under the cover, turned her light down, turned her volume down on her phone to text me. When she peeked under the cover to see where he was at, she got up and ran away. She went to the back room. And I think that was really brave and smart of her.

The suspect allegedly walked to the kitchen in his underwear, where he was confronted by Burton’s boyfriend, Ali Bracey. There was a physical altercation with Burton finally retrieving a gun and handing it to Bracey, who shot the suspect repeatedly.

WLKY reports police identified the suspect as Donald Oliver. He appeared in court in wheelchair on Monday and “pleaded not guilty to burglary, assault and drug possession.”

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