Disgraced Former Congresswoman Officially Files For Bankruptcy In The Wake Of Lost Lawsuit

Katie Hill, the disgraced former congresswoman, has officially filed for bankruptcy in the wake of failing to sue publications and journalists for publishing nude photos of her while she was still in office.

The bisexual former lawmakers attempted to sue the conservative website RedState, journalists Jennifer Van Laar and Joe Messina, and the famous British Tabloid the Daily Mail due to the fact that the published images of the former congresswoman brushing another woman’s hair while nude and holding a bong, read a report from the Los Angles Times.

If her current filing for bankruptcy proves successful, she could end up effectively avoiding having to pay the attorney’s fees to the defendants in the lawsuit, which a judge dismissed from the court back in 2021, reported the outlet.

“It’s a broken system where a plaintiff’s sensible use of our legal system to adjudicate fundamental breaches to their sexual privacy results in such financially punishing consequences for daring to file a legal case that bankruptcy is the last resort,” explained Carrie Goldberg, Hill’s attorney, to the Los Angeles Times, making the claim that Hill had no choice whatsoever but to file for the bankruptcy.

“Victims of cyber exploitation are being let down by our legal system, and I have gotten an unfortunately personal look at the damage that can do,” tweeted out Hill. “I incurred substantial financial loss to fight this case because I believe it was my responsibility to do so to try to protect future victims of cyber exploitation.”

However, the attorney that represents the pair of journalists that hill attempted to sue, Krista Lee Baughman, heavily criticized the former congresswoman for her attempts to try and “evade responsibility for her errors.”

“The bankruptcy process was not meant to enable privileged politicians with the means to earn revenue to evade the natural consequences of their intentional acts,” she stated, as reported by The LA Times. “We have questions about this filing, and we will be pursuing them in court.”

The stories published by Red State back in 2019 alleged that not only had Hill and her then-husband carried out a sexual relationship with a female staffer for her campaign, but the outlet also alleged that she was taking part in an affair with another subordinate.

Hill finally admitted that her relationship with the campaign worker had been inappropriate but claimed that she did not take part in any affairs with any subordinates, which would be a violation of House rules.

When she left office back in 2019, Republicans were able to regain her seat via a special election, and she officially filed for her revenge porn lawsuit in 2020, reported The LA Times.

“So yeah it really hurt to have my old seat flip back to Republican-for a ton of people & also for me,” Hill tweeted out after her seat went red. “In fact, it was pretty f***ing devastating. I went offline & cried for a few days but, as always, getting ready to stand back up & keep fighting. Hope you are too.”

“Onward,” she stated alongside a heart emoji.

As of writing, Hill owes a total of $273,000 in fees to the attorneys of the journalists and the parent companies that own both Red State and Daily Mail, reported the outlet, highlighting that at one point she also had to pay her own attorneys a sum of $100,000.

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