Dick’s Gives Up The Ghost… Remove All Guns From All Stores

Dick’s Sporting Goods is removing guns from the last 125 stores selling them. This all started when Dick’s decided to be politically correct and took many of the guns they sold off the racks because that’s what the SJWs wanted and they even raised the age to purchase a gun to 21.

What genius decided this was going to work out well for them. If you make money selling guns, why would you take the side of people who will never buy a gun and alienate your customers who do? Gee, who would have ever seen that coming

From Breitbart News

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced Tuesday it will pull guns from 125 stores around the country.

The Wall Street Journal reports that these are 125 of 729 “namesake locations” for Dick’s. The decision to pull guns comes after the sporting goods chain tested the gun-less store approach last year in ten stores in 2018.

The Journal notes that Dick’s sales have been in decline “despite a strong U.S. economy and consumer spending.” Dick’s CEO Ed Stack admits that the decline is due to the chain’s stance on guns. That stance, which includes a refusal to sell wildly popular semiautomatic rifles and 30-round magazines, has brought about a reality in which “some gun enthusiasts have stopped shopping at the chain.”

By late August 2018, Dick’s admitted that its corporate gun control stance was hurting its overall sales, yet the company stood its ground. So Dick’s sales decreased at a time when “the Conference Board’s consumer confidence index was the highest its been in about 18 years,” according to the Journal.

The chain maintained its corporate gun control position and tried to stall the sales slide by removing “hunting products” in certain stores in order to make room for athletic products, which it believed would sell better.

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