Devin Nunes Warns: People Will Be Shocked Over Unredacted FISA Warrant Applications

Devin Nunes says if you think what wasn’t redacted in the FISA applications is criminal, he says wait till you see what is in the redactions, He says it’s unbelievable.

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes says that the public would be shocked if they could see what is hidden in the redactions.  Republicans on the Intelligence Committee asked President Donald Trump in a June 14th letter to declassify the documents, so they can be made public. Nunes says he believes that Trump’s lawyers are reviewing the case right now.

Things are moving slowly but with any luck, your great grandchildren will finally get to see the documents.

From The Daily Caller

Nunes and his fellow Republicans on the Intelligence Committee asked President Donald Trump in a June 14 letter to declassify 21 pages from the final FISA application, which was signed by deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The unredacted portions of the applications confirmed much of what has already been made public through two memos released earlier this year by Republicans and Democrats on the House Intelligence panel.

The applications show that the FBI relied heavily on the unverified Steele dossier to make the case that Page was acting as a foreign agent of Russia during the presidential campaign. Page has vehemently denied the allegations.

The release of the FISA applications reignited debate over whether the FBI abused the FISA process by relying on the dossier to obtain the warrants.

Democrats argued that the applications showed that the FBI provided enough evidence to show FISA Court judges that there was probable cause to believe that Page was acting as a covert agent of Russia. They also asserted that the information hidden behind the remaining redactions likely provided other damning evidence against Page, including evidence that would bolster the Democrat-funded dossier.

But Nunes, a Trump ally, is suggesting that is not the case.

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