Detroit Gets First New Auto Plant in Nearly Forty Years

Fiat Chrysler announced Tuesday that the company is opening a new auto assembly plant in southeast Michigan that will employ 6,500 people and require billion in investment. Now, if the can just keep AOC away from Detroit until the plant is built and in operation.

Detroit is in bad shape after so many years of Democratic domination. They have bought an old engine factory and are working at refitting it so the plant can produce the Jeep Cherokee and a new SUV Fiat Chrysler has planned. This will be a big lift for the city and has it’s risks for Fiat Chrysler due to the erosion of the city.

From The Daily Caller

The plant will provide roughly 6,500 jobs to the city and is considered a monumentally large commitment, especially given Detroit’s recent struggles. The Mack Avenue Engine factory will be converted to an assembly plant for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and a new SUV, the company told reporters.

“This is the way the city of Detroit fights unemployment and poverty,” Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said in a statement about the assembly plant. “Standing here today, to be back in the city of Detroit, is truly remarkable.”

Other government officials mirrored his point, adding that the plant means new job opportunities citizens.

“It’s much bigger than the city of Detroit,” Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told reporters before the announcement. “This is going to be an incredibly wonderful thing for the state of Michigan. In the last 15 years, only seven new assembly plants have been built in the United States.

“Economic indicators, as we see them, are strong,” FCA Chief Executive Officer Mike Manley told reporters, explaining that the company is diversifying products to capture new customers and further strengthen Jeep and Ram products.

One FCA former rep also stated: “It makes me feel really good. I’m very happy. To me, it’s about creating good jobs that people can have for 30 years and support families. That’s what I’m all about,” she said. “I’m so glad to know it’s in the Detroit area. My only hope, because they still have many temporary workers, and they have not yet hired them permanently, I want to see people get permanent union positions.”

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