DeSantis States That He Stands Against The Left By Putting On ‘The Full Armor Of God’

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis exclaimed to those in attendance at the Sunshine Summit’s Victory Dinner to make sure to accept and use God’s protection as they battled against those attacking him from the political left.

DeSantis, who has become widely considered to be a prime contender for the 2024 presidential race, stated to his audience that he was “just getting warmed up” and had “only begun to fight.”

“You got to be ready for battle. So put on the full armor of God,” stated DeSantis. “Take a stand against the left’s schemes. Stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. You will face fire from flaming arrows, but the shield of faith will protect you.”

Democrat President Joe Biden was frequently the target of DeSantis throughout his speech, stating that the state of Florida had been hard at work trying to remain free. DeSantis stated that he hoped that the U.S. “will have a speedy recovery from its bout with Joe Biden.”

DeSantis also called out Biden just last week in the wake of the President’s trip to Saudi Arabia during which Old Uncle Joe begged the Kingdom to produce more oil just as Biden, along with quite a bit of his party, is poised to get beaten down in the upcoming midterm elections due to the extreme inflation rates and the economy.

“How come it’s wrong to produce our own oil and gas here, but you can go to Saudi Arabia and fist bump to try to get it from Saudi?” DeSantis questioned as part of a press conference on Monday. “I mean, it makes no sense that we wouldn’t do it. We have opportunities here to be energy independent and not have to worry about any of these other countries. And yet they’re intentionally not doing it and you can’t run a modern economy on windmills. You just can’t do it.”

“And so now we’re in a situation where they’re bragging that gas has gone down over the last however many weeks, it’s still over four bucks! Like I had never seen it over $4 in my whole life living here,” DeSantis continued. “It’s just when you’re cranking the printing presses, you’re making energy more expensive. You know, that creates an upward pressure on all of this stuff. And so the acceleration from May to June that we saw at the end of June, not only was — they said it wouldn’t happen, then they said it was a blip, and they said it would peak soon. It still didn’t peak even after that. And so that’s really making it difficult for a lot of people, you know, to make ends meet.”

DeSantis went on to add that any gains that people may come by for their personal finances are most likely “wiped out immediately with the Bidenflation.”

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