Deranged Liberals Start a “Not My Governor” Campaign in Florida

We have to build these deranged liberals plenty of safe spaces. They get so riled up every time they lose an election. In Florida, billboards are going up trying to start a “Not My Governor” campaign.

The radical pro-illegal group Dream Defenders, who supported Gillum for governor during the election are evidently responsible. The billboard contains the hashtag #Fla4All, one that has been used by them many times in the past. Democrats have evidently decided any time the lose an election, the winner is illegitimate.

I think people will decide that crap gets old really fast.

From The Gateway Pundit

As we predicted several weeks ago, leftists in Florida intend to follow the playbook of the national #Resistance movement in opposing  Governor Ron DeSantis, who was sworn in earlier this week.

In a tweet by Politico Florida’s healthcare reporter Alexander Glorioso, she scoped a billboard right outside the heart of the Florida capitol city of Tallahassee Saturday morning. The graphic displays DeSantis as a marionette puppet attached to an orangish/yellow hand. It’s unclear if that is a reference to President Trump… er… “Orange Man Bad.”

The hashtag on the billboard features #FL4ALL, which has been used by the radical pro-illegal group Dream Defenders. They promote open borders and claim that police are racist with “no place in society.” The group fervently supported Andrew Gillum in the 2018 gubernatorial election in Florida.

It’s going to get worse because after Nancy Pelosi, AOC and other Democrats get through, 2020 could be a disaster for them. When they see what taxes they have in store for them and freedoms they want to take away like the 2nd Amendment, voters will start to remember why they voted for the Republicans to begin with.