Dems Freak out Because of What Trump Was Signing for Folks in Alabama

In order to understand what triggers Democrats, you have to understand why they believe in things such as evolution but not anything to do with God. Do you know why that is? Because if evolution is true, they know that in 50 or 60 million years, their descendants could be human.

They don’t believe in God because they with their beliefs, they have no shot to get into Heaven. (That also explains why Conservatives believe so much, so that when the time comes, we will be able to spend eternity without liberals spoiling it for us)

That also explains why Democrats are freaking out over Trump’s trip to Alabama. Wherever he goes, he is asked to sign things for his supporters. In Alabama, he ended up signing a lot of Bibles.

It’s kind of funny, seeing people who don’t believe in God, accusing the president of sacrilege for signing Bibles.

From The Daily Caller 

Joe Watkins, former White House aide to President George H.W. Bush — who also happens to be a pastor — said he would “not be inclined to sign someone’s holy book.” He did, however, note that the people asking Trump to sign their Bibles did not appear to be bothered by it.

Former Obama White House aide Will Jawando added, “I’m of the opinion that only Jesus should be signing a Bible.” senior advisor Karine Jean-Pierre argued that the move was unprecedented and even “bizarre,” saying, “I’ve never seen that. I don’t think any of us has ever heard of a president signing a Bible.”

And they weren’t alone.

Politico called the move “an unusual gesture.”

But, is it really unusual? Is Trump the only president to have ever done this? Hardly.

Malkin listed Truman, Clinton, Gore, Carter and Mondale among the presidents, vice presidents, and candidates who had signed Bibles or Psalms books — and she posted photos.

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