Democrats Try To Strongarm Another Pair Of Radically Progressive Biden Nominees

Just recently, Vice President Kamala Harris was made to cast the tie-breaking vote in a deadlock vote within the senate over yet another radically progressive Biden nominee.

Old Uncle Joe’s nominee for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Alvaro Bedoya, is now slated to move to a confirmation vote after Harris used her power to break the 50-50 tie within the senate. Despite this, he did not get enough votes in the committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation to be given a favorable recommendation, due to a lack of Republican support.

In the same vein, Gigi Sohn, Biden’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) nominee that was put up for an FCC seat back in October. However, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is most likely going to make use of the same procedural process, the discharge petition, to try and null out the Republican opposition and shove through Sohn’s nomination anyway.

Both Sohn and Bedoya are quite likely to be the targets of extreme backlash from multiple Republican bases for their extreme far-Left ideals and policy stances, which both of these candidates have made entirely clear via the use of their social media platforms.

If Sogn is confirmed to the FCC and likewise Bedoya to the FTC, it would end up sealing a total Democratic majority in both of these major agencies. This has caused many conservatives to put out warnings that confirming either of the nominees would place cement radicals into the seats of two of the country’s most influential and powerful regulatory bodies.

“Regulators are supposed to be neutral,” stated Dan Gainor, the vice president of Free Speech America at the Media Research Center.

“Both of them are unable to be neutral,” he exclaimed, directly referencing Bedoya and Sohn and going on to highlight that modern-day social media is an easy way to see and understand the extreme political beliefs of both of these nominees. “They are both radical. They post on Twitter. They tell us how radical they are.”

Bedoya has been a vocal and repeated critic of many conservative figures such as former President Donald Trump.

“What ELSE does Trump have to say for the media to expressly call him a racist and white supremacist,” posited Bedoya in a tweet put out in the January of 2018. “Does he literally have to say ‘white people are better than black people’? Does he have to say the N word? At some point, it’s not a ‘racist comment.’ It’s just a racist.”

In yet another tweet shortly after the Capitol Riots on January 6th, Bedoya threw a tantrum and demanded the resignations of Republican senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.

He put out the claim that ICE is an “out-of-control domestic surveillance agency that peers into all our lives” and highlighted an August 2021 tweet calling Republican governors Ron DeSantis of Florida, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Tate Reeves of Mississippi “death eaters” due to the way he thought they were handling their coronavirus containment policies.

Quite a few Repubicans have thrown criticism at Bedoya for these statements this past March.

“I remain concerned by the frequency with which he has publicly expressed divisive views on policy matters rather than using a more measured and unifying tone,” claimed the ranking Republican on the Commerce Committee, Republican Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker.

In the same vein, Sohn has used her social media to attack Republicans and other conservatives.

She believes that Republicans and a second Trump presidency are a threat to “our Republic” and claimed that Fox News is just trying to hold a role in “destroying democracy & electing autocrats.”

She has also claimed she already has plans to use the power of the FCC to outright censor and silence her opposition, especially in the media.

“This, and its lack of candor during the failed merger with Tribune, calls into question Sinclair’s fitness to be a broadcast licensee,” she exclaimed in an October 2018 tweet.

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